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ideality n : the quality of being ideal

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  1. The quality or state of being ideal.
  2. The capacity to form deals of beauty or perfection.
  3. The conceptive faculty.


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For other uses of ideality, see ideal.
Ideality is a faculty from the discredited pseudoscience discipline of phrenology. Ideality describes the disposition towards perfection, towards beauty and refinement in all aspects of life. It is localized on the temples, above and behind constructiveness. Ideality creates the width of the temples; a weak Ideality means narrow temples.

Interaction with other faculties

  • Ideality + weak perceptive faculties: quest for immaterial beauty - literature, poetry,..
  • Ideality + strong perceptive faculties: quest for material beauty - art,...
  • Ideality + strong constructiveness: artistic talent
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